Wheatgrass Powder

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Cost = Rs. 450/-
Packing size:100 g Wheatgrass Powder bottle
 Content: 1 bottle = 30 glass servings (1 months supply).

wheatgrass Shots

Cost: Rs. 450/- per bottle (1 month’s supply)
Shelf Life: Best before 1 year from date of packaging.

Buy From: Us directly (Home delivery available in selected areas).
Also Available: Through our Wheatgrass Powder dealers.
Payment: Cash on Delivery / online transfer / cheque / cash deposit in our Bank Ac.
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Shelf Life






Wheat Grass Juice

Remains good for just a few hours
& is difficult to transport long distance

Many beneficial nutrients thrown out along
with Fiber in the process of straining juice.

Wheatgrass used to make a glass of juice
may be less than 30 g (suggested quantity).

May contain harmful pesticide / heavy
metals residue if not grown in organic method.

Tedious to make juice & difficult to grow
in all climatic conditions / seasons.

Cost for 1 glass juice = Rs. 20+
30 glass (1 month) = Rs 600

Wheat Grass Powder

Best before 1 year from date of packaging.
Can be transported anywhere.

Contains all the beneficial nutrients
including Chlorophyll & Fiber. 

1 spoon (3 g)  = 30 g fresh Wheatgrass (30g
fresh Wheatgrass per day is suggest for good results)

100 % Chemical free,
Certified Organic product.

Easy to carry & ready to use. Have
your Wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time! 

100 g bottle (30 glass serving) = R. 450/-
Less than a month’s cost of fresh Wheatgrass juice

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How to take Wheatgrass powder

How to take
Wheatgrass powder



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