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Naik-Pinjari Health & Wellness is a partnership company started in 2013 by two friends, Rajesh Naik and Ramjan Pinjari, out of their passion to serve society at large by promoting natural health products for the urban masses. We firmly believes that Organic and Natural Health Products like Wheat Grass that come under Natural Food Supplements, Naturopathy Products, Organic Products, Natural Remedies, etc are vital for fostering healthy living in human beings.

In our survey of finding the best possible product that would serve our objective, we got highly influenced by the miraculous benefits of Wheat Grass Powder. We have studied many other Wheatgrass products available in the market and find Girmes Wheatgrass powder as the best option. Their unique Wheatgrass manufacturing process refined by more than 15 years of experience in this product line ensures that the freshness, taste and effecacy of Wheat Grass is retained in the powder.   

Our mission is to spread awareness of Girmes Wheatgrass and make it available all over Mumbai through Customers / Resellers / Dealers of Wheat Grass Powder.

Call Executive Our Address
Naik Pinjari Health & Wellness

Plot No 4/E, Sector 20, Airoli,
Navi Mumbai - 400708, India.
Mob: (+91) 8286028666 (Mr Ramjan Pinjari)
Mob: (+91) 8286010666 (Mr Rajesh Naik)
Email: naikpinjariwg@gmail.com
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Wheat Grass Powder – Promotes health & healing…. Naturally!

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